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HAIR LOSS IS a distressing condition for all who experience it. From the trepidation of finding clumps of hair in the shower stall to the first signs of a receding hairline, alopecia – the medical term for hair loss – can have a dampening effect on one’s self-esteem. Once thought of as a condition that only affects men, women are increasingly affected due to issues such as ageing, hormonal changes and stress. For those afflicted, there are myriad solutions offered in the marketplace from medicated hair serums, hair loss shampoos, herbal remedies, supplements and the like, with varying results. But for those who have tried multiple remedies with no discernible effect, the quest for the right treatment can be a frustrating, and expensive, process.


Stem Cell Technology is key to the treatments offered at Papilla Haircare – a dedicated hair and scalp centre that specialises in hair-regrowth using innovative scalp technologies developed exclusively for Papilla by top Korean scientists.

“Stem cells are master cells that can be programmed to become any cells,” says a Papilla spokesperson.

“When we are young, we have a lot of cells but as we grow older, the cells become corrupted and forget what they’re supposed to do (a prime example being hair cells which lead to hair loss). Stem cells come in and remind them.”

But within these stem cells “is a subset of cells called EV-cytokines, which are powerful communicators,” adds the spokesperson. These EV-cytokines are the key ingredient in all of Papilla’s treatments – a patented source of cultured stem cells that provide a powerful bio-signalling effect, literally kick-starting ageing hair cells back into action.

“With EV-cytokines, the cells communicate much faster and generate much more efficient results. We have our own labs in Korea to harvest EV-cytokines, and we spent over a year working with scientists who were originally specialised in cytokine therapy for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.”

Although Cytokine therapy has been welldocumented for the past 20 years as a quantum leap in regenerative medicine, EV-cytokines are a new discovery, and are fast taking over as champion communicators to enhance DNA synthesis, mitosis and cell repair.

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Each vial of Papilla Haircare’s proprietary EV ™ contains natural biochemicals cultured from laboratory stem cells. “It’s the highest grade, dermatologically-tested serum to be found in Singapore,” says the spokesperson. The scalp is made up of several layers, from the epidermis to the dermis and the subcutaneous level – and Papilla’s FDA-approved Scalp Electroporation (SEP) device can deliver the serum right through to the subcutaneous level – which is deeper than any other hair treatment can go. It’s at this level that the papilla – the bulb of the follicle – can be found, which can then be activated to grow.

Papilla Haircare’s treatments can help those suffering from early to advanced stage Alopecia (Level 1 to 6) as well as specific conditions such as Involutional Alopecia, Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium and Scarring Alopecia. “As long as there is a pore we can still activate it,” says the spokesperson.

If there aren’t any more pores, a hair transplant is the next viable option, and Papilla Haircare treatments are also recommended for posttransplant recovery. That’s because when a follicle is transplanted, it needs to be strengthened or the chances of it falling out can be quite high. Papilla’s EV-cytokine therapy therefore helps to nurture its growth.


Papilla Haircare offers medical-grade hair care treatments in a luxurious spa-like environment with staff who pamper you all the way.

First, the skilled therapist will do a scan of your hair condition to check the health of your scalp and the strength of your hair follicles so that the right protocol can be recommended for you. While there are several options available, the newest SEP Activator protocol is recommended because of its deep penetration right to the follicle bud to stimulate growth.

Settle down into a comfortable armchair with adjustable footrest and lumbar support, and you’re treated to a charcoal hair mask which helps to remove the dead skin from your scalp, detox your skin and balance the oil glands.

Enjoy a cup of tea and your favourite magazine while the mask does its magic, after which your hair is washed and thoroughly blow-dried. Then comes the real action. The SEP device is a micro-needling gadget that is non-invasive, unlike the earlier, Meso Hair Micro Needling version in which controlled ‘injury’ is created with very fine needles that prick the scalp to let it absorb the serum. That can be an effective but painful option and in comparison, SEP is a walk in the park. It’s not completely painless – it feels more like a tight, gripping sensation that is a little more sensitive on the thinning areas of your scalp but still highly tolerable.

After this, you sit under a red and blue laser light that works to balance the skin and improve blood circulation on your scalp. All in, it’s a relaxing one hour treatment that whizzes by before you know it.

Going by Papilla’s supplied statistics, its studies show that there is 38 per cent more hair cell growth in 28 days, complete cell restoration in 55 days and 600 per cent improvement in hair thickness. But the most obvious result you will see is that in your first hair wash after the treatment, the hair fall in your shower is substantially less than before, if not almost zero.

At Papilla Haircare, treatments are not based on sales talk but on science and proven solutions to deal with hair loss issues. With a team of doctors and scientists to back up its technology and know-how, it’s the first step for hair loss sufferers to take towards finally recovering their crowning glory.

Papilla Haircare is at #05-25A/B Ngee Ann City, 391B
Orchard Road, Singapore 238872. Tel: 9154-4519.

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