Get Ready With Me: What Lawrence Wong’s Morning Routine Looks Like

p.s. this is my routine on days that I’m back in Singapore. If I’m on set overseas, I’ll most probably be done with the third scene by the time I hop out of the shower haha!


Hi Papilla fam! This is Lawrence Wong. As you might have heard, I’m Papilla Haircare’s latest ambassador and I’m here to share what my morning routine looks like. I am someone who tries to live with intention, and especially so during my free time. This helps me figure out what’s truly important and I can better focus on it. I like to keep my morning routine short and simple, which is why everything I do and everything I use is a deliberate choice.


7.15am: This is when I wake up. I usually wake up even before my alarm rings because my cats will wake me up to feed them. I thoroughly enjoy watching them eat, and I like to play with them for a bit when they are done. My cats love it when I shower them with a lot of love and attention, and the entire interaction just warms my heart.

8.00am: This is when my day officially starts. I’ll make myself a cup of coffee and go through my calendar and notifications. I always take a few moments to plan for the day ahead and take mental notes of things I need to accomplish. Then I’ll read the news while having a quick breakfast, check my social media and reply to my messages. If there’s nothing particularly pressing for that day, I’ll try to spread out my schedule as much as possible. I am a true believer of slowing down to take a breather and enjoy life, especially since work is usually very hectic for me.

9.00am: I will do some light workout at home, just to get my body up and running. I don’t want to feel sluggish, so doing some exercise will do the trick. Not only does it help me destress and keep my focus, but I also feel healthier after that.


9.45am: After breaking out a sweat, I would hit the shower. My hair is very short now, so I only use the Hair Rewind Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. When my hair gets a little longer, I’ll also use conditioner mask to strengthen and hydrate my hair. The shampoo is a multitasker that helps to strengthen my hair, boost my overall scalp health, and there are also other benefits such as deep hydration and antioxidant properties. After using it for a couple of months, I can really tell that my hair is thicker and stronger. There is this minty, cooling sensation after I wash my hair, so it’s very refreshing. I really like how it makes my scalp feel fresh and clean, and more importantly, it stays that way throughout the day. After I dry my hair, I’ll also apply the Hair Regeneration Tonic and massage it into my scalp. Lastly, I’ll throw on something comfortable and leave the house.


To me, confidence comes from within, and it really makes a difference when I look and feel good. That is why I take the time and effort to invest in myself and put my best self forward as I take on the day.


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