Lawrence’s take on scalp care and his favourite Papilla Haircare treatment


“Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp,” Lawrence Wong quips. As Papilla Haircare’s latest brand ambassador, the international actor is a firm believer of scalp care. “I feel that there is a general misconception where people typically think of visiting a scalp care centre only when they are faced with hair loss issues. But really, prevention is better than cure,” he adds. “Even if you have healthy hair and scalp now, it doesn’t mean that you should take it for granted. The earlier you start on scalp care, the better.”

At Papilla Haircare, we take a multi-prong approach to hair and scalp. While it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and stick to a daily home care routine, receiving regular scalp treatments from our professional therapists also play a key role in optimising your scalp and hair health. This is why we are Lawrence Wong’s number one choice in maintaining healthy hair.

Besides daily use of Papilla Haircare’s homecare range, he also finds time in his busy schedule to visit our centres for a pampering scalp treatment. His favourite treatment? The Papilla Haircare 3-Step Signature Scalp Treatment, of course. The embodiment of efficacy and luxury, this elaborate treatment is the ultimate combination of three clinical-grade devices to breathe new life into your scalp.


To break it down, the treatment begins with Papilla Haircare’s signature Detox Hair Mask to slough off dead skin and eliminate product build-up. This step is coupled with the DNA Activator that uses iontophoresis technology for a thorough cleanse while promoting blood circulation. Then, experience a relaxing scalp massage during the hair wash. The double cleanse ensures that the scalp is clean and prepped for the subsequent treatment steps. “The massage given by the Papilla Haircare scalp specialist is superb, and I really enjoy the process,” says Lawrence.

Next, the scalp expert will use the RF RegenULTRA to create precise micro-channels to deliver tiny radiofrequency energy pulses into the scalp. By creating these micro-channels, it also helps to stimulate fibroblasts and induce healing for scalp rejuvenation.


And here comes the highlight of this treatment: the S.E.P Activator. This is an FDA-approved treatment uses the scalpelectroporation technology to deliver Papilla Haircare’s exclusive hair growth solution into the deepest layer of the scalp. In fact, this treatment is up to 17x more effective than topical application, so it is truly maximum results with minimal effort. Lawrence shares, “What makes this entire experience special is that some of these treatments are quite stimulating, so it feels effective.”


Lastly, the treatment ends off with the Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment to seal in all the nutrients. Depending on the scalp condition, the scalp specialist will adjust the LED light accordingly to boost overall scalp health too.

“I really enjoy the entire treatment as it not only deep cleanses my scalp and makes my hair thicker, but it can also help to boost my overall scalp health. Moreover, these technologies are non-invasive, so there’s no concerns with down time or infections whatsoever,” beams Lawrence.

He also went on to emphasise that there is no need to wait till you’re a certain age before embarking on your scalp care journey. “Taking care of your scalp health starts today!”

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