What is Low Level Laser Therapy for hair growth?

Every day, more and more people start noticing the early signs of hair loss, but are they ready to fight it? The idea of losing that luscious hairline can be heartbreaking. Luckily, the medical advancements of the 21st century have brought us the low level laser therapy for hair growth, as well as other non-invasive forms of effective laser light treatment.

Low Level Laser Therapy for hair loss

Traditionally, most mildly invasive hair loss treatments use needles to deliver hair growth actives directly into the scalp. Today, the revolutionary technology used in modern solutions allows us to re-activate the hair growth process more effectively without the use of miniature needles.

Take the Cell Nutrition Therapy or the S.E.P. Activator treatment, for example. Both use complex variations of electrical pulse systems to rejuvenate the hair follicles and scalp through a completely non-invasive procedure.

Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT for short, is perhaps one of the most advanced forms of treatment. It encourages the hair follicles to recapture oxygen while discharging the toxins, effectively revitalizing them in the process, using high-powered LEDs.

How does low-level laser therapy treat hair loss?

laser hair loss treatment for males

Lasers of certain wavelengths have been proven to essentially encourage the hair follicles to re-enter the “growth phase”, giving your hair a total, internal revival. The effects are also mostly natural, as the technology simply stimulates the hair follicles to revitalize on their own.

This is the beauty of low-level laser therapy, as treatments that activate the body’s own, natural healing mechanisms are generally more effective. Supporting the body’s natural repair system is the key to long-lasting results.

Instead of fighting the symptoms through harsh treatment, we can help the body reverse these unwanted effects.

There are different colors and wavelengths for hair loss laser treatments, each with its specific purpose.

lux lllt's wavelengths for hair lossNIR uses 850nm waves, focusing on pigment suppression, while the RED color uses 625nm waves, aiming to promote natural hair growth. Going down in wavelengths, the 592nm AMBER waves are meant to rejuvenate your skin and its elasticity by activating the collagen production, which can dissipate through aging.

Ultimately, the 460nm waves, known as BLUE, have a sterilization effect, and are commonly used for treating acne.

Hair and scalp care specialists are highly trained to identify the type of laser therapy that will benefit you the most.

What are the benefits of low-level laser therapy for hair growth?

There are many benefits to choosing low-lever laser therapy. Where treatments such as microneedling use tiny needles to deliver the stimulants, LLLT uses a high-power LED lens, making the procedure completely non-invasive. Non-invasive treatments can also reduce the chances of causing unwanted side-effects, making the procedure safe for various scalp concerns.

Kim Lim undergoing Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment

Founder of Papilla Haircare, Kim Lim, relaxing under Papilla’s Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment.

Pain during the low-lever laser therapy is virtually non-existent. These lasers do not heat up to the point where the temperatures could cause pain.

Additionally, low level laser therapy does not cause any side effects that may pose risks. It has also been proven to strengthen the hair follicles, as an added bonus of combating hair loss. These thicker, healthier hair follicles are indispensable in your fight against hair loss as stronger, more solid hair is not as prone to falling.

Is it truly effective?

Papilla’s LUX LLLT Scalp Treatment has been verified in a study conducted by the Gwangju Health University of South Korea, during which 70% of the participants reporting a 30% improvement in hair loss symptoms.

The most outstanding improvement participants witnessed was to their hair’s thickness, as the significant increase in the hair follicles’ diameter made a massive difference to their appearance.

lux lllt before after results

Papilla Haircare strives to become an industry leader using the most advanced technologies to effectively combat hair loss, with a 99% success rate.

If you are first experiencing the early signs of hair loss, or constant thinning of your hairline, a consultation with our trichologists is highly recommended. Hair loss can be more effectively treated during its earlier stages, so make sure to take immediate action before the condition worsens.

Schedule a consultation with our hair loss specialists today and experience the LLLT scalp treatment for yourself.

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