Best Scalp Treatment Deal — Ever

The Best Scalp Treatment Deal—Ever

This is the best time to sign up for a scalp treatment subscription at Papilla Hair. Why? Because as part of Kim’s Birthday Special, you get unlimited scalp treatment sessions (valid for three months) for just $5,888! Now this would usually cost you $12,888, so if you want to cash in on those savings, get in touch with us/enquire here/email us at After all, a healthy scalp is the first step to ensuring healthy hair growth and lengths that are strong and lush. Here are some of the scalp treatments you can opt for:  

S.E.P Activator

This needleless, non-invasive, mostly painless scalp treatment is hugely popular thanks to its ability to wake up dormant hair follicles and achieve new hair growth in just three months. It uses the Papilla Haircare proprietary stem cell solution along with Scalp Electroporation (S.E.P) technology to deliver nutritious substances to the deeper layers of the scalp and trigger a healthy hair growth cycle. Scalp Electroporation works by using mild electrical pulses to disrupt the skin’s water based channels to allow macromolecules from the stem cell solution to permeate the skin. This improves the absorption by up to 17 times making it more effective that any other topical hair loss solution and ideal for those dealing with mild to moderate hair loss.

Scalp Activator

Want a scalp treatment that’s as pampering as it is effective? This is for you. This FDA-approved non-invasive, painless treatment uses a patented technology that emits radio frequency waves at a specific wavelength of 448kHz. Not only does this trigger cellular healing and recalibration, it also allows for increased microcirculation, oxygenation and accelerated metabolic activity. This in turn improves delivery of vitamins, amino acids, oxygen and minerals to the hair follicles to boost hair growth as well as improve the quality and density of hair. The result is a healthy, balanced scalp and hair that is glossy, lush and strong.  

Micro-Pulse Hybrid Scalp Treatment

Needleless mesotherapy meets electroporation in this non-invasive, painless treatment that helps to re-energise and strengthen the scalp to ensure optimal conditions for healthy hair growth. Electroporation uses mild electrical pulses to create lipid bilayer aqueous channels while a meso-nanochip filled with micro-crystals shaped like inverted volcanoes “stamps” the scalp to create micro aqua channels in the scalp together forming a powerful duo-delivery system. This allows for nutritious substances and active ingredients to get right to the hair follicles without any pain or trauma to the scalp.


Radiofrequency for the scalp? Why not? During the treatment, tiny pins are used to deliver heat (via NanoFractional Radio Frequency) to the deeper layers of the scalp leaving the surrounding tissue undisturbed. The tiny pins create micro-dermal wounds that help deliver nutritious substances directly to the hair papilla. As the body heals these “wounds” it stimulates fibroblasts and induces healing and scalp rejuvenation. Simultaneously, heat energy produced by RF in the deeper layers of the skin sets off collagen and melanin production, increases cellular activity, prolongs the anagen phase, increases circulation and oxygenation which promotes a healthy scalp and helps detox the scalp.

DNA Activator

Another painless, non-invasive treatment with zero downtime, this scalp treatment helps to balance the scalp, boost natural hair growth cycle and strengthen hair roots for a stronger, healthier scalp and lengths. A combination of iontophoresis or the use of extremely mild electrical current and ionisation together help deliver active ingredients right to the roots to significantly improve the hair growth cycle. It also helps to regulate the pigmentation process, support cell regeneration, strengthen weak roots, and balance the scalp pH to provide a healthy environment for hair growth.   

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