Why Your Scalp Needs A Facial Too

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If your skincare routine involves double cleanse-exfoliate-tone-treat-moisturise but your scalp care routine is limited to cleanse and condition, you may have a problem. It’s easy to forget that it’s there, because it’s covered with all that hair, but your scalp requires as much, if not more, TLC than the skin on your face or body.

A healthy scalp is the first step to long, strong, lustrous hair. Build up caused by sebum, sweat and hair products can lead to clogged pores and blocked hair shafts disrupting the cycle of hair growth. It can also cause scalp pimples. Exposure to the elements can make the scalp sensitive and inflamed. Too much or too little washing can also lead to scalp imbalances.

Given that the scalp is an extension of your skin, it’s not surprising then, to see familiar skincare ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and vitamin E to name a few, make their way into scalp care products. Here they work the same way as they would on your face, exfoliating dead skin, locking in hydration, soothing inflammation, reducing damage from environmental factors and moisturising the scalp to ensure it is healthy and primed for optimal hair growth.

At Papilla Haircare we take it a step further and use facial grade machines for scalp treatments. In fact, they are the same as the ones used at illumia Therapeutics for facials so it wouldn’t be wrong to think of these treatments as “facials” for your scalp.

S.E.P Activator for Hair Loss Treatment

When used in facials, SkinElectroporation® or S.E.P technology helps to restore hydration and radiance to the skin, and when used on the scalp it improves scalp condition and helps reduce hair loss. S.E.P technology emits low electrical pulses to temorarily disrupt the cell membrane. This allows for better delivery of scalp nourishing ingredients like EV-phytokines, botanical stem cell extracts, amino acids and more into the upper and deeper layers of the scalp making the treatment 17 times more effective than other delivery mechanisms. It is 100 per cent non-invasive, needle-free and pain free and allows for controlled, precise and homogeneous delivery of nutritious substances that will promote optimal scalp health for hair growth. Plus, it doesn’t include electrodes and causes zero damage to surrounding tissue and cells.

This 1st Trial voucher for S.E.P Activator will allow you to experience the scalp conditioning, hair growth-boosting benefits of this treatment.

Scalp RF RegenULTRA with Salmon PDRN

This treatment works the same way for the scalp as it does for the face, using radio frequency (RF) energy to create micro-channels that help stimulate fibroblasts and induce healing and rejuvenation—but for the skin on the head.
The treatment consists of Nano Fractional RF heat energy of up to 700 pulses delivered at once via tiny pins pressed into the scalp. The surrounding tissue is unharmed because each tiny pin has a miniscule footprint of precisely 150 x 20 microns. Plus, the tips are sterile and single-use for maximal client hygiene. The micro-channels created by the Nano Fractional RF energy allows for nutrients from proprietary EV™ cell formulation and Salmon PDRN to be absorbed right into the hair papilla. Papilla Haircare’s exclusive PDRN solution is rich in polypeptides, amino acids and vitamins and is bio-compatible with humans, making it safe in the long run. Together, EV™ cell formulation and Salmon PDRN help reverse DNA damage and improve scalp condition for better anchorage of follicles thus helping reduce hair loss. Radio Frequency energy also increases circulation and improves oxygenation to stimulate follicles, enhance melanin and collagen production.

You can now experience the scalp rejuvenating benefits as well as a boost hair growth with this 1st Trial RF RegenUltra voucher.

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Customised Jet Infusion Scalp Treatment

This treatment can be used to address various scalp concerns like dryness, sensitivity, excess sebum, itchiness and flakes as the serum blend is customised to your unique needs. Your session will begin with an in-depth consultation that allows the therapist to customise a serum blend best suited to your scalp type and condition. The treatment then starts with a mask that helps to deep cleanse the scalp and lift away dead skin cells. With dead skin out of the way, the serum is better absorbed. After the scalp is thoroughly cleansed, the customised serum blend is infused into the scalp with a medical grade jet device that uses high-pressure oxygen to help improve the penetration of the serum, and all the goodness is sealed in with the Lux LLLT Scalp Treatment. The scalp feels instantly refreshed and rejuvenated and is healthier and more balanced after each treatment.

The 1-For-1 voucher on the Customised Jet Infusion Scalp Treatment will help you address any concerns you may have.

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